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Belt Drive Fuel Pump: First step in converting to alcohol fuel

Words and photos by Jok Nicholson

This time we are getting everything ready to install the Barry Grant Fuel System belt drive fuel pump and related components. After several discussions with the tech support people at Barry Grant we came to the conclusion that the belt drive fuel pump would be the best way to handle fuel delivery to the 540-inch Indy Cylinder Head Bracket Master engine and the new King Demon alcohol carburetor.

The BG Belt Drive Pump and drive spindle. The slotted drive shafts use keyed pulleys and have up to three inches of adjustment. The pulleys are composite material and the spindle and pump body are anodized aluminum. The cogged belt drive eliminates slippage and is very durable.

The design of the BG Belt Pump makes it a logical choice for about any type of drag car. There are two different gear sets and two different set of wear plates for the pump. This allows a racer to change pump output while using the same fuel pump housing. This means the same basic pump can be put together as a 400, 500 or 700 series pump.

The main reason for the belt drive conversion is to manage fuel pressure and take some load off the battery and charging system. The system we are getting ready to install will give us 3 to 3.5 pounds of fuel pressure at idle and slow engine speeds. As engine speed increases the belt pump is spun faster and fuel pressure goes up accordingly. The BG Bypass Pressure Regulator controls this increasing pressure by metering how much fuel is returned to the fuel tank by the Bypass Regulator. We will adjust the maximum fuel pressure when we get to the track; we will set it at 10 to 10.5 pounds at the finish line. This higher pressure is necessary to keep the fuel bowls full since an alcohol-fueled engine requires twice as much alcohol as it does gasoline.

These three components are critical to the proper installation of the belt drive pump. The inline fuel filter keeps everything clean to the pump and carburetor. The filter element is washable and the 10 AN end caps assure excellent fuel flow. The Bypass Regulator is easy to plumb in and the Safety Bypass Valve is mandatory on belt-drive systems. All parts have a high quality corrosion resistant coating.

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