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I'm building an engine and was wondering if you could recommend a
suitable sized carb for it. I have a standard BG Mighty Demon 750 available
to use if suitable.

Details: Ford Cleveland, 393ci (3.85 crank and 6' rod), upper rpm limit 6800-7000rpm, estimated power 550-600hp (yet to be run but similar combo makes this much), flat tappet solid cam 264/268 @ .50 duration with 666/678 lift @ .50, compression ratio 11.6:1 single plane manifold weight of car 3500lbs, 3 speed auto with 5000rpm converter (8 inch), 4.11 rear, and Street & Strip car, but mainly street.

Thanks for your time.

Sydney, Australia


Nice to find another Cleveland MAN! I would say you're right on the ball with the Mighty Demon 750. If this was an all out drag car I would maybe go a little larger, say 850, but for street duty a 750 will provide good driveability, crisp throttle response, and plenty of power. Also, keep in mind that my understanding of the Demon carbs is that they are rated in "wet flow" as opposed to "dry flow" which means a wet flow rating of 750 cfm is probably over 800 compared to another brand of carb. Also, Project Muscrate has run 137 mph @ 3100 lbs. with a Demon 775 cfm carb. Hope this helps.

Jay Roeder

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