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We have a Mopar Mega Block that we unfortenately blew a hole in. It can be fixed but we need to know if it is safe to bore it to 4.56. These blocks are no longer made and we live in Sweden, so we don't have anyone to ask - until we found you on the web, that is. Do you know? Or do you know who we should ask?

Elin Ragnebro
Eskilstuna, Sweden


Hi, thanks for the question. I believe the Mega block is safe to bore to 4.560" as a maximum recommended overbore. The best way to go, if possible, is to have the block sonic tested to find out for sure how thick the cylinder walls are and will be after boring. Are you boring the block to 4.560" because you want to or because the machine shop said you have to? It would seem to me that if you are doing this as a repair you should be able to just sleeve the bad cylinder and then make it match the previous size before the "oil pan failure". Hope this helps.

Jay Roeder

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