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I have a 1998 Mustang GT with a 5-spd.  I have looked all over to find a 2003-2004 cobra motor (the one with a supercharger and 390hp) but I am having trouble finding them  at all.  Would you suggest modifying my stock 4.6L or swapping for a Cobra mill when available?

Zach Snyder, Missouri


Honestly I think the decision depends on what you want. If your "all about" the supercharger then I would look at buying an aftermarket centrifugal type. The aftermarket systems will potentially make more power than the factory Ford blower and you can update the existing computer to make it work. Once nice thing about that is that you have actually customized your car to your liking versus just transplanting a different version of a factory engine. In the end it is up to what you like.

 Hope this helps

Jay Roeder

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