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Reher-Morrison Racing Engines' David Reher and Darin Morgan answer your questions about cylinder heads or anything else concerning your racing engine building problems. Remember who you're are dealing with so no soft-ball questions.


I am currently building a 565 super E motor and I have been involved with many racers and I see no agreement on what type of oil to run. With the heat of lapping our type of race motors at the latter rounds of racing ,some people don't change their oil all season and run a straight weight oil. Then some change their oil after every race weekend and run a multi grade oil with some additives. What would do?

Jim Burkhalter
Lakewood ,CA



We recommend 10W-30 pure synthetic motor oil for all of our Super Series engines. Synthetic oils can with stand high temperatures and more abuse than standard engine oils or straight weight non synthetic oils. Some people are under the mistaken belief that thicker viscosity oil will benefit them at moderately high to high operating temperatures and loads. In high RPM, high horsepower, normally aspirated engines, the use of high viscosity oil only serves to increase operating temperature and decrease engine power with absolutely no positive benefits to engine life what so ever. The thicker engine oils such as 20W50 will only serve to raise oil pressure, decrease volume flow rate, and increase frictional power losses. Low viscosity oils have an increased flow rate and this coupled with there lower viscosity carries heat away from the bearings and other components. The end result is a lower engine operating temperature. Today’s synthetic oils are very well formulated and can handle far greater loads than the standard non synthetic high viscosity oils of days gone by. We recommend 10W30 for our engines. 

 On another note, People who do not change there oil frequently are asking for major trouble and get what they disserve! You should change your oil when it exhibits the slightest change in color. Many racers will change there oil after every race or two. I can’t disagree with that rational and only wish everyone would make this standard practice.

David Reher asked Darin Morgan to answer this question because it is his area of expertise.

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