Volume IX, Issue 7, Page 113


by Dave Koehler

I need some advice on a nitro controller. Can any solenoid be used and pulsed? What sort of frequency do they get pulsed at and what’s the effect on the solenoid’s life span?

Ian Basson
Gauteng, South Africa


As long as one uses them as intended, which is as a momentary traction control, most any solenoid will work. If you try to use one with the idea that it will act like an ECU with an EFI injector you will be disappointed.

I will say that the small purge-sized solenoids are more adaptable than the large sized ones used on nozzle systems. For more detailed information please read a review I did on a controller a while back. I think most of the answers are there. 


Have a safe race,

Dave Koehler

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