Volume IX, Issue 1, Page 37


by Dave Koehler

I'm looking for info on anything to do with 350 Chevy with a blower. How can I get the best tune up info, if anyone can help it would be greatfully appreciated.

Ian Moore
Rockingham, West Australia

You have given me a generic question with no back ground on what you want to achieve so this will be a generic answer. If this is a street machine a decent book by Pat Ganhal called Street Supercharging would be a good place to start.  This will cover street stuff and some racing. It is sold in book stores, www.amazon.com , etc. The ISBN number is 1884089291.  In your neighborhood these folks might have it. http://books.buyaustralian.com or a little Googling should find it for you.

If this is a blown and injected alcohol racing combination then you should have someone such as myself supply, setup and flow the system. This will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Have a safe race,

Dave Koehler

How do I know what size (gph) fuel pump I need? Is there a formula?

Paul Grabowski


A rule of thumb would be to multiply your horsepower by .0134 and then multiply by 60. This will result in a gallon per hour figure to overcome all but the worst of G forces. This assumes that it is a rear mounted tank with 15 lbs of pump pressure to the regulator. It doesn't hurt with electric rear mounted pumps to choose one that has more power and capacity than would appear to be needed.

Have a safe race,

Dave Koehler

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