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Check Out That Chassis

By Scott Weney of S&W Racecars


I have a 1978 Malibu w/ 406cid makes 589hp on the engine also has 275 NOS. I have the pinion angle now at -6 degrees to the ground. The car has an anti-roll bar also. I had the car out this weekend the 60ft. was 1.64 and 1.62 the tires did not hook very well new tires M/T 10.5x28x15. Is -6 degrees good for this mild race car? Adjustable uppers, solid lower 9in Ford rearend.

Dennis Lofton


Six degree’s is very extreme for any car, but at 600HP we would set your car up to have as straight of shot at the trans as possible. This will take less HP to make the car move, and is easier on u-joints. With your car having solid links there is no movement so you do not have to compensate for any.

I would video tape the car and study this, see of the car move at all before it spins the tire. The next thing to look at is the front suspension, good adjustable 50-50 shock and a spring with a lot of travel will help also. Give me a call or send video.

 We can hook you up.   

Scott Weney
President, S & W Race Cars


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