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Check Out That Chassis


I have a full chassis, 3200lb, street legal, 9.4 second Camaro with Strange coil overs (both front and rear).  When it comes out of the hole, though both front tires come off the ground, the left one comes up a lot more.  Will adjusting the shocks help with getting the front up more evenly?  If so, what is the theory on how they should be setup?  Thank you very much.  Aloha.

DM Wong

DM Wong,

From the info you gave me, I would say you can try staggering the shock settings but this will not be very effective. The best way to correct this problem would be an anti-roll bar; this will help your car a number of ways. First it will stop the torque roll you are getting now and it will make it that you can take the preload out and this will free up the suspension at both ends of the car. This will help your RT and your 60ft become more consistent, this will all equal a quicker ET and it will make setting the rear suspension a lot easier. We offer one of the best kits to do this; it rides on bronze bushings and has splined aluminum arms. Call any of our sales people and they will help with this.

Scott Weney
President, S & W Race Cars

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