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Check Out That Chassis


Hi ! I purchased a 1978' Buick Skyhawk built for drag racing. It has been set up for a big block / glide. I have a stroker oil pan on my engine that is interfering with the steering linkages .The alignment for engine/ glide and diff has been set, but the oil pan on the big block used in the mock set up must have been standard. Can I lower and move forward steering linkages? Or any other remedy? Thank you for any help.

Mike Ward, Sydney, Australia


Moving the steering linkage forward a little will help your problem and create the least issues. When you change the height of the steering for a rack or on conventional linkage you can make bump steer problems. You can over come some of this with bump steer spacers at the steering arms. The best fix would be just move the motor back, an inch or 2 in your car will help the weight transfer.

Scott Weney
President, S & W Race Cars

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