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Fuel System and Oiling System Upgrades

Words and photos by Jok Nicholson

This month we are shoveling the snow off the sidewalk to the racecar shop and getting everything ready for the 2002 race season. I think you will enjoy the next few tech articles, as you will see I DO NOT have a trick machine shop in my garage. I have a grinder, some cardboard for templates and, of course, a bunch of scrap aluminum and files. This time we look at some superior workmanship from Titan Speed Engineering and Moroso Performance Products.

Let's get started with a look at the Titan Manufacturing billet oil pump for the Big Block Mopar (383-440). Needless to say, Titan makes these top quality oil pumps for all Chevrolet engines as well as Fords. After looking the product over and talking to Richard Sanders, owner of the company, I think he may very well have the best wet-sump oil pumps on the market. If you are thinking they might be a little expensive compared to the mass-produced cast iron oil pumps, you are right. The main thing to remember is the longevity of the Titan pump and the cost of the engine you are trying to protect through proper lubrication.

The Titan billet aluminum pump with the Moroso remote oil filter mount. The fileter mount uses the high flow race filters available from Fram, Wix, K&N, or ACDelco.

The pump for the big block Mopar is his latest oil pump to be released. It is designed with either single or dual line external pickup lines. One problem with Mopar oiling systems is the inherent restrictions inside the block in the oil pickup passages. The external hose(s) solves that problem and is a very common item on high horsepower Mopars. The Titan pump I ordered was a single line pickup with a #16AN hose size. I also opted for the remote oil filter cover plate so I can locate the oil filter out of the way. The pump can also be ordered with the standard spin-on oil filter plate. One of the unique features of the Titan Oil pump is the externally adjustable internal bypass pressure regulator. This regulator allows pressure to be set between 50 psi and 100 psi. The Titan engineers can preset the pressure for you as they wet flow every pump before they ship them.

Their geo-rotor design is available in single or dual design, depending on the oil volume you need. Because Titan pumps bypass internally, the volume of oil coming in the pickup tube (or hose) is virtually the same as the volume of oil going to the main oil gallery. The geo-rotor design eliminates cavitation and air bubbles that are generated by spur gear pumps at race engine RPMs. This cavitation and resulting vibration can have a detrimental effect on engine longevity as well as causing OEM-style oil pumps to crack and break off. You can imagine the disastrous effects that would have on an expensive race engine.

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