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Installing a Moroso Racing Vacuum Pump

Words and Photos by Jok Nicholson

This month I will install the racing vacuum pump from Moroso. There are two reasons I have decided to install this unit. First, I like the idea of having better ring seal and the resulting additional horsepower. Second, due to using alcohol and running in a rather cool climate I wanted the vacuum pump to help eliminate the moisture and alcohol contamination of my synthetic race oil.

The vacuum pump will accomplish both things for me and we decided on the Moroso #22640 3-vane Racing Vacuum Pump. The features that took me to the Moroso unit was the reputation of Moroso as far as readily available rebuild kits, customer service program in place, and quality construction throughout the entire unit. The pump accepts #12AN fittings so plumbing it into the valve covers will be easy.

This is the Moroso Racing Vacuum Pump mounted to the motor plate. Notice the straightedge clamped to the pulley on the pump and lined up with the drive pulley.

The first thing you have to do is figure out if you have the room to install the pump. It is about the size of a standard alternator. Then you have to consider a method of getting the pulleys and drive belts lined up. On Project 4-Link I have the Barry Grant belt drive fuel pump and an East Coast mini-alternator already driven off the crank. I found a place to mount the pump on the left side of the engine. The Moroso Racing Vacuum Pumps come with an integral mounting bracket that attaches to the rear of the pump. This bracket made it easy to fit to a motorplate such as the one in my dragster.

The pump has a very simple and effective mounting bracket that fastens to the back of the pump with flush mount bolts. Two 3/8-inch holes and the slotted bracket gives
you plenty of adjustment.


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