In my opinion you can spend a lot more for a crankshaft but I don't think you can get them much more durable. There is always a "price point" on parts, for me at least. When I can get this quality for under $1,000 that is my choice. We do not need a billet crank for a 4.25" stroke Big Block Chevy on race gas. The ProMax cranks are a great piece to use in your race engine. Material 4340/EN24 heat treated and nitride; Mains gun drilled; Stress relieved and shot peened; Counterweights profiled; Micro polished.

Rotating assembly; crankshaft, rods and pistons: Stan and Scott Ray at Ohio Crankshaft have built three engines for us and I trusted their recommendations when it came to the rotating assembly. The crankshaft is an Ohio Crank Pro-Max 4.25” stroke crank made from 4340/EN24 heat treated and nitride steel. The rods are Oliver steel billet 6.535” with Oliver’s own rod bolts. The pistons are JE Pistons with 1/16-1/16-3mm ring package and tool steel pins.




The decision to go with the 375cc Intake ports on the Sniper X heads was made after talking with Mike at Pro-Filer. With our cubic inch and camshaft he did not see a reason to go with anything other than a conventional 24-degree head. He said it would do all we needed and from the way the 565" is running, I agree 100%.








The Sniper Jr. was selected as we will eventually run a throttle stop and Pro-Filer likes this intake better when the engine is "on the stop" and "coming off the stop". Port-matched to the heads at Pro-Filer and ready to go, out of the box You don’t need a spacer under the carb as they have designed this intake with one built in.




Cylinder Heads / Intake manifold: There are literally dozens of great cylinder head manufacturers and we went with a company a racing buddy recommended, Pro-Filer Performance. After several conversations with the company owner about what we were looking for as far as power, ease of getting spare parts, etc., we decided on a set of Pro-Filer Sniper-X 375s (#174) and a Sniper Jr. intake manifold for the 9.800” deck. We ordered them fully assembled and ready to bolt on. The engine shop said all they had to do was blow off the dust from the packaging and bolt them on.

These are the flow numbers for the Pro-Filer heads we have. They are a great match for our cam and cubic inch. Pro-Filer talked me out of getting a higher flowing head because of our 565 cubic inches, HP goals and throttle stop plans.