Olds-mobile-ology III - I think I have a handle on keeping the smoke inside the wires

Well, it took me long enough to get the Olds wired and ready to go. Something about that 61st birthday and crawling under, around, and over everything in that Olds to get it rewired and do it right.

If it wasn't for the Digital Delay Elite wiring kit, Elite Relay Board, Elite Switch Panel, Dial Board Controller and the Elite 500 Delay box and how complete it was ...  I was afraid I was going to try an MSD HEI toggle switch and footbrake it. (Not really, just kidding.)

As expected, the MSD instructions for the Power Grid, Launch Controller, and 6-AL were precise and easy to understand and that makes things go into place easier. Same for the Digital Delay instructions. Their color schematic and wires that are labeled for the correct circuit combine to make this a reasonable project. Don't confuse it with easy; I didn’t say that. It takes planning, patience, and you have to have the right tools and some good connectors. We used the MSD crimper for the Weather-tite connectors on items like the trans-brake, air shifter, and throttle stop solenoids, line lock button on the shifter, and water pump connection. I feel any connection that could have to be replaced or unhooked to work on make a great place for the Weather-tie connector. You can get them in 1, 2, 4, 6, or 8-wire configurations from MSD or through local quality wire suppliers, like Fastronix.

The components were of the quality I had expected from Digital Delay and the customer service I got for my "old guy" questions was top notch, just like I had expected. To keep this story as short as I can, I will make it a picture trip as I went at this project one step at a time. I have to admit, my son Andy, who has wired several race cars in the last year with his racing buddy and friend Josh Kanselaar, told me time and time again, "You aren’t done yet, wait a few minutes, think about it and there’ll be one more thing that needs to be done before you start finishing up." Damned if he wasn't right. Every time I wanted to put the main electrical board in I would come up with a reason not to so it would be easier later on.

I spent about 15 to 20 actual hours doing the wiring, putting wire ends on, making up Weather-tite connectors and stuff. I am very pleased with the results and when I hooked the battery up.... I was holding my breath but it all turned out good. The primary suggestion I have to anyone taking on a project like this is this: BE PATIENT, TAKE YOUR TIME. The extra couple hours are definitely worth it in the end.

We are installing one of MSD’s latest ignition components, the Power Grid part #7730. In a nutshell, it basically gives you the functions their top of the line Digital 7 ignitions provide but you can use it with your current MSD ignition, in our case the tried and true MSD 6AL. There are a lot features to the Power Grid, but the two I was most interested in were the Data Acquisition and the Launch Retard to see if we can get a handle on the Olds' wheelstands and tire spin in the heat of the summer. Once we hit the track, I will follow up this tech story with on-track results for the MSD Power Grid, the accessories for it, and how the Digital Delay Elite Relay Board Elite 500 delay box worked out. (Hopefully the follow-up article will include a Winner's Circle photo... with the Olds in it of course!)

Just a visual reminder of where we started. I would guess that there are a lot of race cars out there with this under their dash.