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Check Out That Chassis

Let me describe my car; s/g type Corvette Roadster 420sbc, 650hp, 2050 lbs, 52% rear wgt, 4-link settings:52" out 5.3" up, 85lb springs in back, shocks set in middle, struts set 1/4 turn from full loose. The car works well on good starting lines, but if I encounter bald spots etc., it will turn the tires before moving which screws up rt, 60' and et. What adjustments can I make to fix this? IC? shocks? 2step rpm up or down?
Tire pressure? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

T Moore

T Moore,

All of the adjustments you ask about will help fix the race tracks bald spot problem. From the drivers seat you can move over and put the car
on better area of the starting line, this is a judgment call that I know works but a lot of people are not comfortable moving the car that far off
center on the track but it will work. The adjustment part I would start by raising the IC a little, soften the shocks a click or 2, extension, lower
the chip a little, but I would go up in tire pressure 1/2 to 1 pound. If you notice a little has been the tread here, big changes get you lost and fresh tire will help the most.

Scott Weney
President, S & W Race Cars