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I want to build a larger cubic inch street/strip small block Chevy in the range of 427+ cid. I know it gets tight for clearances and wonder about the use of a reduced base circle cam. Should I be concerned about their strength and durability? I like the Dart Iron Eagle for its raised cam and spread pan rails. Can I use a standard diameter cam in it?  Am I right thinking this is a better starting point? Thanks

Tony Brand in
Vancouver BC


Thanks for the question. I don't believe you would have anything to worry about by using the smaller base circle cam unless you are planning on using a very aggressive camshaft that requires a ton of seat and open spring pressure such as 350 plus seat and 850 open or so. If this is truly a "street/strip" engine then you will not be using a camshaft with anywhere close to those specs. However, if the budget is there to go the route of the raised cam block by all means go for it! You will need a oil pan made specifically for the wider block, raised cam specific timing set or belt drive, and the stock cam core should work. Another benefit of the raised cam is being able to use shorter, stiffer pushrods to reduce valvetrain flex and harmonics. If you are serious about making the big steam why not go with a 50 mm cam core also? Honestly, the price would not change much at all for the rotating assembly if you built a 454 cube SBC compared to the 427. If bigger is what you are after then go for the gusto! Great thing about this sport is you can buy happiness! Hope this helps.