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Tech Q&A Update

It's been forever since there were any tech questions! What's up with that!

Joe Reader
Anytown, USA

If you've been a faithful reader of our Tech Q&A section, you may have noticed that it's been MIA for the last several months.

The reason is simple: We're retooling it, and when it's ready, we're going to relaunch it, bigger and better than ever! But while we have ideas for what things need fixing or shining up around here, we're going to turn it over to you, the readers. Got a beef with how we do things? An idea for what could be done better? Or maybe we need an entirely new tech category to satisfy that nagging car problem. Let us know!

So keep sending in those questions and suggestions and, in a (very) short time, you'll see them answered through the magic of the Internet.

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