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Check Out That Chassis

I'm trying to set up my ‘55 Chevy as a street/strip car. Since it'll be used on the street 90% of the time, I'm more concerned about street-ability than ET. The car weighs 3700lbs., has a 350/370hp engine, 350 turbo auto. trans w/a 3000 stall conv., 410 rear, leaf springs and Cal Tracs. I'll be using 9" drag radials. My question has to do with my 10 bolt, 8.2" 1967 Camaro rear. I know that the 8.2" rear is considered weak and I was looking for an opinion on whether it would be too weak for my setup. I've been told that a 10 bolt, 8.5" rear from a ‘71 to ‘74 Nova will fit my car, but, being on a budget, I'd like to get by with what I have if possible. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

John Quinn, Maryland


1. We have used Caltrac bars on both multi and mono leaf cars and have had better more consistent results with mono leaf. If you need more info or help please call me or contact John Calvert and I am sure he will help you also.

2. 10 bolts are the weaker of the Chevy rears, so if you’re going to spend a lot of money on rear end parts I would at least go to a 12 bolt. You ca get brand new housings and gear ratios are available for what ever you want. But a 9” ford is still the strongest bolt in rear you will find. Spend your money wisely and build something that lasts. call us we can set you up with what ever you decide.

Scott Weney
President, S & W Race Cars