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Check Out That Chassis

I have a top sportsman car that had 980hp and ran 8.50's. It was hitting the tire too hard at the end of last year.  The 4-link was 58 out, 5.125 up, and 52% on rear.  This year I am making 1485hp and have lost 80lbs off the front of the car.  Its total weight is 2576 with driver and 53.5% on the rear now.  I changed the 4-link to 60 out and 3.125 up.  Am I going in the right direction for this much rear bias?



With the horse power you’ve added you are going to need 3 things. 1st is a video camera, 2nd is a good set of wheelie bars and 3rd is a good set of double adjustable shocks, I prefer strange, but that is up to you. From the changes you’ve made you are headed in the right direction with the link bars and the weight will work ok, but you may need to move some weight front once you get a baseline on the wheelie bar setting and the shocks. Movable weight is a good thing and you will find this will make the car more drivable on different races tracks. The next thing you can do to make it easier to make changes at the track is to map out the 4-link so you know where you are going when you make a change. If you need more help after you run the car please contact me and send video I will steer you in the right direction.

Scott Weney
President, S & W Race Cars