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I have a r.e.d. 250" wheel base running in the mid 7's. I just changed my rear end gears from 4.86 to 4.29. I wanted to know if this takes too much off the bottom. If my trans first gear is from 1.76 to a 1.96 ratio with out changing every thing in the trans. input shaft, drums, or maybe 1.80 ratio.

Kelly Paeramain, Grand Junction, CO


We need more information in order to answer your question effectively, such as engine size, horsepower, and tire size. We have a data sheet on our website, mikestransmissions.com that you can fill out and fax to us. Then we can determine from this what converter a person needs or transmission application is best, including gear ratios.

Thanks, Mike

Mike’s Transmission
Lancaster CA
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