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I am a 72 year old disabled vet and I am trying to build an old 80 Cordoba with a 318 LA engine. I bought a set of 340 pistons to put in it. I was told, by a machine shop, that I would have to sleeve the cylinders so they would take the 340 pistons. Is he right? This is to be a bracket racer here in Alaska.

Thank you for your time.

Joe McDonald
Wasilla, Alaska

Hi Joe,

First off, thank you for the sacrifice you made for our country. People such as you are why people like me are able to answer Tech questions and own businesses in a free country. I wish I had better news for you but I would tend to agree with the shop advice. A 318 has a 3.910" bore and a 340 has a 4.040" and I doubt you would find a 318 block that will take a .130" overbore and leave any structural integrity. However, the only real way to know is to have someone use a sonic tester and "map" the 318 block you want to use. If after mapping it looks promising then away you go! Otherwise, try finding a 340 block if that is what you have your heart set on building. I would not however even consider spending the amount of money it would take to sleeve all 8 cylinders in a 318 block just to use a set of pistons you already have. If the pistons are new you should be able to return them and I would recommend finding a rebuildable 360 and making that your Bracket Bullet. The 360 is physically the same as the 318 and 340 and parts are much easier to find. Hope this helps and enjoy Veterans Day! You earned it!

Hope this helps,