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I am thinking of changing from an 1150 Cfm Carb to mechanical fuel injection. Wanting to know what is difference between Stack fuel injection and the use of a Hat on a tunnel ram manifold. Is one better then the other or is it just looks?

Lance, Virginia

 I am not very familiar with the "stack" type fuel injection. I know they can be made to perform well but there are many more parts involved and potentially more tuning required. The "hat" style and the "Flying Toilet" style offered by Rons Fuel injection are more familiar to me. Both setups use a simple linkage that connects to the throttle bodies and the main fuel curve is controlled by the return "pill" which looks similar to a carb jet but works just the opposite. Since it is on the return side, a smaller jet actually richens the engine. I would recommend giving a call to the company you are interested in and simply ask as many questions as you have. Hope this helps.

Jay Roeder