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I have a drag car I bought from a friend. It was set up and ran with a 440 Dodge motor. It's tubbed with 29.0/11.0.15-D, rear tires, and posi track, but I don't know the gear ratio. I am going to build a SB-400 motor for it. It will be driven on the road at times, for car shows etc. Maybe to the track, but not a daily driver. I'm going to hook it up to NOS, for the strip. I'm having a hard time deciding on a Cam and carb. setup. I'm using stock heads but they will be ported and polished. I would like to get at least 700hp. Do you have any information that would help me out with this motor project?

George, Georgetown, SC

I have worked on a few BBM and as you are probably aware the stock heads are the weak link in the HP food chain. An expertly ported set of factory heads will be doing well to hit 270 cfm at peak flow. Not that they still cant make good power but high rpm's are not the goal. As for the cam my suggestion would be to use a solid roller with a valve lift around the .600" area and duration at .050" lift of around 260-270 degrees. We are going for mid range torque with this deal. Choose the company you want to buy from and call their Tech line to see what is available. For a carb I would look at a 850cfm from Holley or Demon on a single plane intake from Edelbrock or Mopar. Hit it with the "smack" and you should make good power. Maybe not 700 hp but 500-600 is readily attainable. Hope this helps.

Jay Roeder