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Hi Jay,
On the question of 4 cyl at 170 psi and the other side 4 at 190 psi, shouldn't he check to see if a head gasket was replaced some time in the past and a thinner one used than the one on the other side along with a cut of the head to maybe clean up the surface?  That could amount to 20 pounds.
Just a thought... 

Phil Trover

Hi Phil,

  Sure, he could do that but the question posed to me was if I thought he should worry about the difference. I don't know why he has the difference side to side, could very well be the head gasket as you say, but the difference isn't a problem as far as something to worry about. I'm kind of limited in "cyber space" to the length of my replies and sometimes it just doesn't seem important enough to me to explore every possibility of "why" something is the way it is unless that is the question posed. Hope that helps and thanks for the question, and for reading. Hell, you're fan number 10!

Jay Roeder