Volume X, Issue 7, Page 68

Project Muscrate

We build an SFI 25.5 rollcage!

Hi everyone and welcome back! Once again I have skipped a month and I’m not any happier about than you are. I thought about titling this article “Can’t drown the Muscrate” but that seemed too corny. For some reason the state of Iowa has been getting hammered the last couple of months by Mother Nature. First it was the horrible EF5 tornado that virtually wiped out the southern half of a small town called Parkersburg and continued on with its devastation for another 40-plus miles, taking numerous homes, businesses, and sadly lives along the way.

Luckily, my family was far enough away from its path that we received only minor hail and wind damage and a few downed tree limbs. I did, however, help out a friend that lived in Parkersburg and unfortunately his family lost the entire house, garage, and much of the contents within. I have never in person witnessed such utter destruction. And I hope I never do again. The best way I can describe it is to think of some war footage you may have seen on TV after a large bomb has been used to clear out an area of land and nothing is left standing. The remaining portions of trees had been stripped of their bark! It was truly a surreal experience.

Then, only a few weeks later we had a “500 year” flood. Not quite sure how they figure that stuff because just 15 years ago we had a “100 year” flood. I thought the 100 year was bad but it was nothing compared to the latest. Fortunately for me, my shop does not get flooded from the river. It gets flooded in severe flash floods from the small stream in a farm field to the north of me. Although it had me concerned for a while, I ended up pretty good at the shop. My house, however, is 3 ½ miles away and about a ½ mile from the river. Once again I got off easy compared to many people who had water 4-feet high in their living room as I only had a basement with water seeping in from the saturated ground. A couple of 1 ½” sump pumps running full blast kept things under control. The roads leading to my shop were completely impassable for two days and we had no electricity for a day, so I spent the time staying on top of the house situation.

Along the way, my wife was involved in a pretty major car accident that left the car she was riding in totaled and sent her to the hospital for a thorough “tune-up”. Thank God she had nothing broken but was pretty banged up and is still sore two weeks later. So, as you can see once again “life happened”! We need a vacation! On to the taters.

I was able to temporarily hang the front of the roof halo bar by using plastic zip ties. Works pretty good when no one is around to help.

Last issue I had fabricated the custom rear frame rails and mocked up the Competition Engineering “Magnum” 4-link (#C2028) along with making a good start on the Comp Engineering 12-point roll cage (#C3300 and #C3303A) made specifically for the “Fox” chassis Mustangs. I also added a few bars around the driver’s area to beef up the main roll bar that came in the kit.

I must say that the bars and pre-bent main hoop and overhead “halo” bar provided in the kit fit better than I expected. I have always looked pessimistically upon kits that are supposedly “custom bent” for a particular car but the people at Competition Engineering have this one nailed! After a little bit of cutting to length everything fit great! As a matter of fact, the original intent of the bars that run along the windshield pillars is to be exposed in front of the dash so that you don’t have to remove the dash if you don’t want to. I wanted to run the bars behind the dash and I was a little concerned they wouldn’t be long enough to stretch between the main hoop and the backside of the dash but I was pleasantly surprised to find they were!

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