Volume X, Issue 2, Page 70

Procharger Installation How-To Part 2

The Nitty-Gritty

Welcome to Part Two of DRO’s series on installing a ProCharger Centrifugal Supercharger in a Mustang. If you’re new to this series, you might want to peruse Part One of our build. Even if you’ve already read it, you should consider refreshing your memory. Don’t worry, we’ll wait for you.

Back? All right. If you recall, when left off last month Tom had the preliminary prep work done, taking off the front of the car in order to dry fit the components and see where cutting and fabbing needed to be done. With that out of the way, it’s time to move on to the actual installation.

There’s a lot of hoses to install, but they go in easily.

We thought that, thanks to the directions provided by ProCharger this would be a relatively smooth process. Unfortunately, as we soon discovered, following the directions works best when said directions aren’t quite so vague. In ProCharger’s defense, a call to them soon revealed that they had had complaints about the quality of their installation directions before, and were working on writing a new set. Kudos to them for admitting and addressing the problem, but sadly we couldn’t get these forthcoming directions, so we were forced to muddle along as best we could.

Here’s the heart of the build, the compressor snug in its new home.

If only our problems had ended there. The person who owned the car had installed an aftermarket Mass Airflow Sensor, so we had made sure to check with ProCharger to be certain it would work with the kit. They’d said it did, so you can imagine our surprise when it was all hooked up and not working. A call to ProCharger informed us that the sensor would have to be recalibrated, so off it went to Pro M all the way in Massachusetts. When it finally got back (Holiday weeks aren’t the best time to try and do this sort of thing), we re-installed it and eagerly fired it up. Still no good.

Below: Never forget where you come from.
Above: The hand that rocks the cradle.

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