Volume IX, Issue 7, Page 105
The "new look" for Project 4-Link. What do you think? I really like the results of our "RED-OUT" we did to the body and the wheels. Nothing fancy on the paint or wheels. We had everything but the body powdercoated for about $150.00 and the body cost us $100.00 (and the shop name on our car) to have it painted after I prepped it.

Entering Season Seven and
Still a Strong Performer

Words and photos by Jok Nicholson

The dragster we assembled in the spring of 2001 is still alive and well, and it continues to be the most read-about project car ever. We started out with a pile of pipe and readers could see the transformation. “Project 4-Link” was built to be a test bed for products and to show readers what products work and some that didn’t. We started out focusing on S/Comp and local brackets and over the years we have rebuilt engines, transmissions, and brakes, and installed fuel injection. We have run the car in the Jegs Super Quick Series, the Million Dollar Race, and the Moroso 5-Day. We won divisional points events and a national event. Are we done with the “Project 4-Link”? No way, not by a long shot.

For the 2007 season we decided to freshen the 572” Indy Headed Mopar with a fresh set of rings and bearings. While it was apart we decided to take it to Chenoweth Speed and Machine, Morton, IL, and have it looked over and install lifter bushings and have it honed. I am glad I took it to them as they noticed a “strange spot” on the cylinder wall on #1. It ended up being a crack below the rings and could have caused major problems. They installed a sleeve, honed it to size and installed the bronze lifter bushings.

This is the Meziere 200 Series electric water pump I put on the 572" Mopar we have run the past three seasons. It has cured the water flow problems, period! We now leave the start line at 160, it is 160-165 on the return road and when we get back to the pit area it is still 165 max. We shut the pump off and wait for he next run. We have not really needed the fan yet this year

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