Volume IX, Issue 6, Page 91

The chassis is back and assembly begins

Last month you probably read about my trip to pickup the S&W Race Cars and the rant I went on about why we should start a New Revolution to get rid of the politicians that pick our pockets clean. O.K. I’ll leave that stuff for another place and time. We have the chassis back in our garage in Iowa and are getting a pretty good start on it. The estimated date for the “Back-2-Basics III” debut is July 4th weekend. Things have to happen in a certain order for that to happen but it is possible.

This is the S&W one piece fiberglass dragster body. We have the 23" wide version. It is pretty darn straight and smooth and prep for paint will be easy and quick.

This is the optional "flip-up" tow hook. When it is not needed it lays flat just below the front nose panel that has been slotted. You can use the tow hook and leave the front nose in place.

We got the rolling chassis back and it looked pretty complete. Then we took the body off, the rear end housing out to get it powder-coated and the chassis looked bare again! Here is how we have started getting it ready.

One-piece body and some trick little details:
One of the reasons we decided on S&W Race Cars to build the “Back-2-Basics III” project dragster is their attention to detail and sportsman-like prices. We ordered a Stage 1 chassis with swing-arm option and one-piece fiberglass body. We did choose a few options to make life easier but as you will see in the next few months this is not a chrome-plated, custom painted racecar. It will be black from end to end.

The one-piece fiberglass body is a unique option. The fiberglass body will cost you less than the conventional aluminum body. I like the idea of only 16 dzus fasteners and the body is completely off.

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