Volume IX, Issue 1, Page 31

I spent a couple days in total confusion at the PRI Show and talked to dozens of companies and their sales reps. There are a lot of new products being released, some products are being improved and the “old reliable” parts we are used to are still available. I talked to a lot friends, made some new ones and enjoyed the entire event, at least the parts my legs could get me to! Talk about a lot of floor space!! WOW!

This leads me to a conversation I had with Richard Iskenderian, of ISKY Cams. We were talking about “crate motor rules” and how we both feel it does not help the sport and it will eventually hurt the growth of most associations that decide to require them. (Hey, that is an entirely different subject. As a matter of fact you can read all about it in our new magazine, www.ovaltracking.com. Check it out, as Glen Grissom has written a great article.)

Back to Richard Iskenderian. I was telling him the one thing that worries me the most about my engine is the roller-lifters. Have one of them fail, the needle bearings drop down into the engine and get thrown all over and sucked into the oil pump and you can kiss a couple thousand bucks good-bye. Currently I send my roller lifters in for a rebuild at about 150 to 190 runs. I have been lucky to have never broken a roller lifter with this maintenance schedule, but it isn’t cheap. Rebuilding lifters costs about $165.00 per set of 16. Not bad if you compare it to damages that broken lifters can cause

This is the new EZ Roll roller lifter from Isky Racing Cams. No needle bearings to fail because there aren't any. A bushing made from a very low-friction durable material is the key to its success. Available in most popular sizes, it could be the answer for engines with extreme seat and open valve spring pressures.

He agreed and at the same time reached back on the display case and showed me a “new idea” in roller lifters. It looks just like a regular roller lifer BUT there are no needle bearings! It is the new ISKY Cams “EZ Roll* needle-less roller lifters.

Without needle bearings there is no way for the needle bearing to fail or get needles into the engine and do damage. ISKY has come up with a special proprietary low friction material for a bushing to replace the needle bearings. This spreads the extreme load put on a few needle bearings and the roller pin out onto a smooth surface that rides on the roller pin. He explained what caused the needle-style roller lifters to fail: It is the constant movement of the needles caused by high loads that create flexing in the bearing retainer and wear on the roller pin. Even with heavier wall material and harder metals it is a design that will “eat itself in time,” how much time is the question.

E-Z Roll lifters eliminate that problem and the benefits are less maintenance, lighter weight and overall cost savings. Of course they will cost a little more but reliability and no need for premature rebuilds are needed. They are available in all popular roller lifter diameters.

I also stopped by the F.A.S.T. (Fresh Air System Technology) booth and found a new owner. Jill Swanson, formerly their sales manager, has taken over the company and moved to a new location. They have just about every brand of helmet, their own helmet fans, cool-vests and much more. If you are interested in “staying fresh and preventing fogged over glasses or visors” check them out at their website: www.freshairsystems.com .

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