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Photos by Tim Marshall

Women and cars go together like, well, Linda Vaughn and Hurst Shifters. Ms. Vaughn (photo above) has probably been to more conventions, car shows, races, and other personal appearances than anyone else in the business and she's still smiling!

Here are some of the new (uh) faces at this year's SEMA Show. And if you think this job is easy, how'd you like to stand up for 8 hours a day in high heels, smiling at everyone that stops by the booth, staying enthusiastic about the newest "widget," and having your photo taken by some photographer who says he's shooting for some online racing magazine. . .

. . .then you get the guys who think it's funny to be in the background. That's long-time drag racing journalist and some-time DRO contributor Dave Wallace saying that DRO is the Number One online drag racing magazine.



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