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Buddy, when it comes to contemporary auto racing, it's NASCAR, the good ole National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing. Buddy Baker and Ned Jarrett in the booth, Dale Earnhardt, Dale Jarrett, Rusty Wallace, Jeremy Mayfield, Jeff Gordon, and Jeff and Ward Burton out racing on the track. Right now, they are the Beatles, the Tiger Woodses, and the Mark McGwires of wheel sports. Nothing comes close, and as much as it pains me to say so, that includes the world's quickest and fastest cars in the sport of drag racing. We're the guy in the "Before" column of a Charles Atlas muscle-up magazine ad when it comes to these guys. The hoary-headed fact of the matter is that Homer n' Jethro have done their homework a lot better than the boys in the tassled loafers from the West Coast or any coast for that matter.

But didja know that NASCAR also tried its hand at drag racing? Seriously.

Part of the excitement noted in an ad for NASCAR's Division 1 Championships to be held at Niagara International Drag Strip. The ad appeared in the August 5, 1966 edition of Drag News.

You can go back to 1956 for their first mess-around with straight lining. In that year, the Daytona Beach Speed Week was hosted and a five-mile stretch of beach (as in oceanfront property) of 500-foot width was set aside for drag racing from the dates of February 19th through the 25th.

Art Chrisman, the racer who won the first Bakersfield title way back in 1959, was the winner at this clambake, taking three trophies and running as fast as 118-mph.


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