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5 Bracket Racing Questions

Get our your calculator...there's math involved!

    What is the MOV in this race and which racer won?
Racer X: Dial in: 11.56, Reaction Time: .532, ET: 11.599
Racer Z: Dial in:  10.92, Reaction Time:  .524, ET:   10.966
    If your racecar runs 130 mph, how much time does it take you to travel the last 100 feet on the quarter mile?
A .523 seconds
B .052 seconds
C .178 seconds
D .070 second
    New timing equipment uses infra-red “emitters and receivers” to start and stop the timing equipment. What was used before infra-reds became the standard?
A A flash light and a truck reflector
B Motion sensor taken from nearest automatic garage door opener
C 12 volt and 110 volt spot lights and a photocell with a convex lens to focus the light onto the small photocell chip
D Service station driveway hose and bell from Ernie Walker’s Shamrock Station in Amarillo, TX

    Which car moved first in this race:
Racer Z has a dial-in of 9.65, His reaction time is: .507
Racer X has a dial-in of 9.67, His reaction time is:.526
    If you are talking to a group of bracket racers and someone says they “dumped” what are they referring to? (Keep it clean boys and girls!)
A They ran under their dial
B The stewed prunes they had a lunch took effect
C Hit a dip in the track

At the very last instant they decided to hit the brakes and not cross the finish line first, hoping the other racer would break-out by running under their dial-in.

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Congratulations to our January quiz winners, Mark Williams and Bob Butts ! And now, here are the January quiz answers.


#1 At the 2006 Phoenix test session, who was quickest of the Team Force funny cars?D JOHN FORCE

#2 As shown in DRO's photo coverage of the 2006 Las Vegas test sessions, what body style covers the alcohol funny car of Paul Crifasi? C HONDA INTEGRA

#3 The 2006 ADRL Dragstock extravaganza featured a pre-race testing marathon. Somewhere in there Paul Castellana became the first nitros Pro Mod driver to exceed 190 mph in a 1/8 mile run. What was the number on his time slip? A 191.05

#4At the Gateway International Raceway stop on the ADRL tour, Harold Martin had his 4.03 lap during testing thrown out. Why, pray tell? B REAR WHEELS TRIGGERED TIMING SYSTEM

#5 A race or a test? A spectacle or a boondoggle? Just another race or giant step for mankind? That's not the question. The question is, who won the Top Fuel title, and the $101,000 that went with it at the 2005 Rocket City Nationals? D


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