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the loaded question-er


Hey, it’s been awhile. What y’all been up to?

Me? No good, but NO body got hurt ... at least that I’m aware of.

Let’s see, where are we right now? Ah yes, the mothergrabbin’ World Finals … the last of its kind. What do I mean by that … it’s the last NHRA Winston/ (maybe) POWERade finals in history … unless the lawyers torpedo the sale. Yep, the National Hartenstein (or maybe Direct TV) Racing Association World Finals will be what it is from now on, and that loud vomiting you think you hear is real. That’s Wally, Buster, Barbara, Jack Hart, Dismuke, and the founders muddying the sky blue waters in the pool  at the Pearly Gates Hotel.

Enough of this blather, Quiz time, ladies and germs and the subject will be lasts. What does that mean? See below ….

#1 The last Top Fuel winner at the final Finals in Amarillo, Texas (1973) was...
A Jerry Ruth
B Steve Carbone
C Gary Beck
D Pete Robinson
#2 The last Top Fuel winner at the 1983 final Finals in Orange County was...
A Joe Amato
    B Darrell Gwynn
C Shirley Muldowney
D Jim Barnard
#3 (Here’s a tough one) The last Funny Car winner at the Dallas facility emerged in 1970. He was...
A Gene Snow
  • B Danny Ongais
C Phil Castronovo
D Don Schumacher

#4The last Funny Car winner at the final 1980 Finals in Ontario, California was …
A Don Prudhomme
  1. Raymond Beadle
  2. Gordie Bonin
  3. Ron Colson
    B Raymond Beadle
C Gordie Bonin
D Ron Colson

#5 The last Top Fuel winner at the 1968 Finals held in Tulsa, Okla. was …
A Bennie Osborn
  • B Don Prudhomme

C James Warren
D Steve Carbone

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Congratulations to our October quiz winner, John Snapp, who was the first to answer all the questions correctly! Below are the October answers.


#1 Drag racing's, "gasoline alley," the shop complex that housed operations like 10,000 RPM, Dale Armstrong and Billy Williams' shops, was located in the Southern California berg of: A Torrance

#2 Top Fuel Hall of Famer "TV Tommy" Ivo's mailing address was located in: B North Hollywood, CA

#3 Seattle International Raceway is not really located in Seattle, but instead: B Kent, WA

#4 Cecil County Dragway in Maryland may indeed be in the county of Cecil (named after jazz great Cecil Taylor), but what is the name of the town the track claims as it's mailing address? D Rising Sun, MD

#5 Pro Stock kingpin Warren Johnson wasn't originally from Sugar Hill, Georgia. Instead, his racing career got started while he lived in: A Fridley, MN  

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