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Letters which do not include a full name will not be considered for publication.

* Your letter may (or may not) be published in our "We've Got Mail" section.

It all depends on your perspective

Burk, it is a shame that Jok lost his friend and racing partner Nick Jeffrey. But I am glad Jok took the time to share his thoughts and feelings with the masses.

After reading Jok’s tribute to Nick, it helped me resolve some issues I have been having with my drag racing experience. I was almost to the point of quitting. My involvement in the politics of drag racing and all the NHRA – IHRA – Track Management – the frustration had become such a part of the fabric of everyday life for me it was killing my enjoyment of the sport. I had forgotten why I do this.

When you’re angry at the process, you lose the pure enjoyment of spending hours alone or with friends in the garage working on your car. It always brings you personal satisfaction when that hard work pays off at the track. It also makes you work harder, learn more, while picking yourself up and trying a different approach if it doesn’t go as planned. You lose track of the fact that just being at the track with your friends racing is such a privilege, and we are so fortunate to be able to do it, we get mixed up in the politics and miss the whole point of why we race.

Jok replied to my email of condolence with this statement “Sometimes improving isn’t easy but I think it will be worthwhile”. He is correct, and it is a worthy goal. From now on I am not going to give a rats a$$ what the NHRA – IHRA – Race Track – Track Manager does, or what kind of wacko policies they dream up. I am not going to let someone else ruin my racing experience with my friends. I will only make the decision to attend a race or not, and if I am at that race and they do something that keeps me from enjoying myself, I will happily load my heap in the box and go to the barn without letting any decision ruin my involvement in racing and the enjoyment of my friends. Both the track/sectioning bodies and myself have choices, I can’t control their choices, but I can control mine. I will from now on strive to not get involved, and never let their choices ruin mine.


Earl Helm
Salt Lake City, Utah

Impressed by Cruz Pedregon InnerView

I really enjoyed the interview with Cruz Pedregon. It was nice to find out more about him and his philosophy that I never knew.  Not that I disliked him or didn’t respect what he was doing, but I have really never been one of his fans… but I am now! He reminds me of the spirit and work ethic that I admire in Warren Johnson, Dick LaHaie and Don Garlits.

Cruz, I’m pulling for you to go all the way and take the Championship. Safe Racing!!

Don Richerson
Elizabethtown, Kentucky