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Letters which do not include a full name will not be considered for publication.

* Your letter may (or may not) be published in our "We've Got Mail" section.

Will there be a next generation of drag racers?

I read the first Burk’s Blast in probably the last 6-8 months, and apparently I didn’t miss anything! Same old bitching and whining, I’m sure Jeff and a few others think they could take over the NHRA and within one season could triple TV ratings and pack the stands!

As for your comparing the March Meet and CHHR to NHRA Natl. events, since Famoso holds, what, 8-10,000 seats, pretty easy to fill that place compared with the 40,000 seats at Pomona, Dallas, or Gainesville! Since Nostalgia racing only appeals to the 55-70 year olds, I’m curious where that series is in 10-15 years when that demo dies off?

Joseph Sherwood

Jeff Burk replies: Joe, I’m still calling ‘em like I see ‘em.  Also I dispute your supposition that only 55 and up enjoy “nostalgia” racing. Everybody seems to like Nitro Funny cars and at DRO AA/FC Challenge races I see a lot of young kids and adults buying tickets. Also, since you don’t care for my editorials – although you missed a lot of different subjects over that 6-8 months -- I offer you the opportunity to write one with your opinion for DRO. We will edit it ONLY for spelling and punctuation. Are you interested?

Here’s why no Cadillac in Factory Stock

Jeff, in response to your "Just Wondering" why no one has made a Cadillac CTS V into a FS/A or FS/B car; the Factory Stock Showdown is restricted to the new Cobra Jet Mustangs, Drag Pack Challengers, and COPO Camaros. Also, the CTS V makes a true 500-600 HP. The cars in the Factory Stock Showdown, although they are rated at around 500 HP, are actually making close to twice that much. You don't run 8.55@161+ as Chris Holbrook did in Gainesville if you are only making 500 HP.

Bill Seabrooks

Winners give the sponsors no ‘props’?

Jeff, I agree, the Gators had a different feel to it and the racing, while tricky, seemed to be better than I remember for some time.

The point that's just driving me nuts is I know NHRA is all but done, anyone can see that from the stands being empty and prices going up and up. The first 3 races this year I wanted to really focus on sponsor watching, meaning how well they are treated.  My main focus is on the primary race sponsorship. I've seen all 3, granted I may have missed a bottom end interview after a round but have not missed any final interviews. Not once has any winner of any race, thanked Circle K, CARQUEST, or Amalie Oil for their support, not to mention contingency sponsorships. To me, that is a mortal sin and honestly quite stupid of them; this is why I say NHRA is done. It's only a matter of time, they are lost, broken and financially in deep doodoo.

Why would something so simple go unnoticed and uncorrected for someone in such a financial bind as them folks.