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Letters which do not include a full name will not be considered for publication.

* Your letter may (or may not) be published in our "We've Got Mail" section.

Andy makes some good points

NHRA classes today have a couple of major problems that I honestly think can be resolved, and the ADRL interview touched on some of them. As a motorcyclist, I should be following the pro bike classes, but they're tremendously boring, just as most of the car classes are. They are purpose-built machines with engines that cannot be bought from a dealer in a modern car or bike today. I realize that requiring a newer engine in these racing machines would make them expensive to replace every few years, but it's not like heads-up racing is cheap in the first place. When did "Sell on Monday" get changed to "Whine about rules for machinery 30 years out of date on Monday"?

Top Fuel is so fast that there's a fear of outgrowing the track's safety abilities. Totally understandable. But instead of slowing the cars down with a giant rulebook to argue about, let's make it easier. It's the top class, a spectacle and an amazing draw for the fans. Run it through half track, but remove all the rules that aren't absolutely necessary for safety. 300 mph in 660 feet will be as amazing as 330 mph in 1320, you'll add bunch of shutdown to every track, and there will be less worrying about the rulebook. Car speeds will be down a bit, and maybe we'll see innovation again!

I also would like to extend a hearty slap to racers who go on endlessly about purse size. If you have to spend $3,000 for a weekend's racing and think that a chance at a $5,000 prize will make it worth it, you are making some very silly financial decisions. It's a hobby and a sport, you're going to lose money. Stop complaining that the track is too slick and the payout too small; you're there to beat the other guy and have a great time in the process. It seems an awful lot of guys have forgotten why we go to the track.

Andy Bailey
DeKalb, Illinois

It’s the racing that should count

On the last paragraph of Burk's Blast, quote: “Why is it that the major sanctioning bodies allow the racers and builders to radically alter stock bodies on everything from a Pro Gas cars to Fuel Funny Cars to make them more aerodynamic so they can go faster and then write rules to slow them down? Why not just make the racers run stock appearing bodies that aren’t so aerodynamically perfect? I’d bet that would slow them down and make them more identifiable to fans at the same time....” Absolutely! Stock appearing bodies, original stock or OEM blocks and no "Star Wars" aerodynamics in Pro Stock and Funny Car.

On slowing Top Fuel, the "Fuel Pump Wars" in nostalgia nitro racing pretty much draws you the picture. Limit the fuel and air intakes, and you'll slow anything with an internal combustion engine down pretty quick. It's still about "RACING", not SPEED, isn't it?


John Largent
Pueblo, Colorado