More cackle or else

I am very concerned with the NHRA’s limitation to only 40 participants at the CA HRR Cacklefest last fall. If that happens at Bowling Green this year, I will never return

John Martin

Higher cost means fewer purchases

I agree with Jeff's comment about overpriced stuff at drag races. I was at Pomona and about keeled over when my draft Bud cost me $10! Has the NHRA never heard of price elasticity? I am pretty sure I would have thought $7 was a lot, but I bet I'd have bought 2 beers during the day at that price, but at $10 I only bought one on principle.

I got lunch at a Pink's stand, and got a 9" hot dog with nice toppings for $8.25 and my soda was $2.50. That seems fair, and I was really pleased with that pricing, esp. given what I had paid for the Bud!!

Had a great time. Probably my 4th trip to Pomona, and it is always a treat!

Chris Williams

Learning more about Paul Murphy

Really enjoyed the first part! I didn’t realize she had done that much driving in the different venues! She is The First Lady of Racing! A much overdue recognition of the lady! Congratulations, Ms. Murphy!

Thank you guys for the great article!

Steve Stahlschmidt

NOTE: Part 1 of our 2005 interview with Paul Murphy is at

Part 2 is at

Also wondering about those 8-cars show

Re: (Burk’s) musing if NHRA dropped back to an 8-car show making a more interesting program, or would it be like 1981 or 2 when NHRA decide to drop pro classes at the divisional level and most teams quit racing.

Potentially the same outcome here, bottom half cars go away…maybe great opportunity for IHRA….Hmmm.

Jay Gilman

Of Top Fuel Harleys and Pro Stock cars

As if NHRA needs more “filler” for their 3-hour Finals telecast where they spend a whopping 5 minutes or less on Pro Stock eliminations... T/F Harley might be interesting if two bikes could make it down the 1/4 mile at the same time without breaking or crashing. Much like Pro Mod, T/F Harley is a class where a rider/driver can often win if their machine makes it down the track without breaking or crashing. I’m sure the breaking and crashing appeals to those who know little about actual racing but it gets old fast if you desire to see actual racing.

I don’t know why NHRA even bother’s showing 5 minutes of P/S as it’s insulting the way they disrespect the P/S class and then complain that they don’t have enough competitors after they raise the cost to compete by $200K per season and now have cars that aren’t any faster than when they had carbs and in most cases they are slower than when they had carbs.

Evidently NHRA management doesn’t understand that sponsors won’t support racers if the sponsors don’t get air time. Fewer sponsors results in fewer pro racer cars, especially in the very high tech P/S cars. The NHRA is just ignorant about racing and marketing a unique sport. NHRA management has no difficulty increasing their salaries, however, much like the U.S. Congress who votes their own pay raises. IMNHO it’s a sad commentary on where we are at as a society. Ignorance is bliss for NHRA management. Those in NHRA management who can tell the difference between the forest and the trees are exiting NHRA for obvious reasons.

Jorge Meister