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Rambling at Indy

And now some assorted US Nationals-ramblings, scribbled on the back of the campground rules from Raceview Family Camping...

A big thank-you to God, no, not for roasting our butts throughout the race and then throwing 'college football weather' at us on Monday, but for watching over that jet car guy, and to the knuckleheads who said, "THAT’S why they shouldn't run those things". BULLFLOP! I'm sure 'statboy' could show the numbers on how safe jets are, and 'statGHOUL' could show that more people have died of late driving nitro-cars than jets.

The 9-11 tribute was very well done, and a large thanks to everyone involved in that whole presentation (except for the guy who pushed the wrong button and started blaring Nickleback during Patriotic music)

A tip of my battered Cubs hat to Dave Reiff, who helped me channel my inner "WWF" and get my MONGOO$E banner on the tube during the Capps interview on Sunday - consider this an old fashion "parts-call". Anyone with a tape of that, report to the base of the Phlegm Building....

After one of the more dismal years of 'vendor-swag', it was a joy to find the Garlits trailer with nostalgia DVDs for way cheap, and good luck to the whole "Project 1320" deal; looking forward to it.

It’s nothing to do with Indy, but am I the only one who wants to POUND the preachy-ass character from the Dos Equis commercial? "I don't always shill beer, but since my residuals from 'Die Hard 2' ran out years ago, I will now."

I couldn't help but to notice that the 'Chalet Club' is no more, and I couldn't help but to look down on the parking lot that replaced it and, in my best "Edward-G from the 10 Commandments" voice, call out "Where’s your Moses NOW?”

The ever-entertaining commentary from Mr. Dirt? It’s not Indy without it, or, as Barney Stinson might say, "Please..."

And an extra 'thanx' to the Burkster, for letting me steal his "the back of a" schtick.... Jeff, I checked my logbooks from 1977, and I do indeed show an entry about talking to 'wildmen' camped behind the brick wall across from the drive-in at 5 in the morning. Dude, was that YOU?
And a parting shot, these goobers that put up umbrellas and ruin the sightline for everyone in the immediate area? Buy a hat, or put on some sunscreen. For what a ticket costs, I don't give a monkeycrap that you’re worried that you 'freckle like a banana'...

Chicago Jon T Hoffman
Woodstock, Illinois