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Start with the track!

One area seems to be overlooked when the subject of slowing the fuel cars down and bringing the cost of campaigning such a car comes up. I am talking about the track itself. If the track wasn't intentionally made so sticky that it can literally pull your sneakers off, (from starting line to finish line) the result would by default be the de-tuning of the cars.  Let’s face it, they are not going to be able to get much quicker and faster unless they put a cog railroad track down the middle of both lanes and totally eliminate the tire touching the track all together.  I think that if the racing surfaces were left alone and only allowed to have the rubber accumulate on the surface, and not 500 gallons of super glue, the tuners and drivers would have to react by pulling horsepower out of the cars, and making it more of a drivers’ race at the same time.  I like good side by side racing.  I cannot tell (from where I am standing at the track) whether the car went through the traps at 300 mph or 250 mph, five seconds or six seconds.  What I could really enjoy would be the class having more than the sixteen to eighteen competitors that are seen week after week after week, and the only way to do that is to make it more affordable.  So I say, leave the track alone and let them figure it out.

Mark Trembley
Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Down on the Countdown

Seems to me that the NHRA format of the race to the gold with their rewind to zero points is flat and just not interesting.

Hear me out now, IF you are in the top ten, then and only then can you start all over and only one of the chosen ten can be the champ. If were a sponsor, WHY would I sponsor a car that wouldn't be in the top ten? Sounds like opening a new business next to an existing successful business. The press is ONLY going to focus on the top ten, and where does that leave the rest of them? Sucking hind tit is where.

My suggestion is to run all the races and let the chips fall where they may, and let the champion actually BE the CHAMPION. NHRA is NOT NASCAR and NEVER will be, so Tom, stop trying to COMPETE with them and run your own dog and pony show, (IF) you CAN. Let the last man standing be the CHAMPION, not the one with the most bucks. I know Tom, (NO comment) in the world according to Tommy "C" and his flock of sheep. Baaaaaa.

Eugene Wagner
Boca Raton, Florida