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All the answers

Burk, wonder no more:

TV Translation – It is impossible to translate 8,000 HP to the little screen.

What does Danica have – A couple of multimillion dollar sponsors.
HD Pro and Burton purchasing the NHRA – Thank God the deal fell through. The NHRA is bad enough, but not as bad as it could be.

LODRS Sportsman – I think we are at that point. Check the car count.

TAD and Comp – I hope soon for TAD and eight-car fields. Comp, wow, go sit in the stands and try to explain this class. Better yet, sit in the stands and ask for an explanation. At least there are no throttle stops.

Compton charismatic – Heck his cardboard cutout is more charismatic than the real deal.

Pro Stock (this is a two-for) – Never happen. The alternative? Twin turbo 358cdi rear wheel drive Hondas? The last import series attempt was epic. Just take the wheelie bars off and let them run all the down-force they want. To the moon Alice… Until then, Pro Mod will always get the vote.

Thank you Sheikh KH Al Thani – Don, Connie, Gray, Don P, and all the other people that have dumped millions into this sport. Oh, thank you Mike Strasburg and family, and all the other families like you in drag racing.

Message Boards – You talking to me Willis?

IHRA’s Nitrotainment – Yeah, it is a circus tent, but the elephants racing are real elephants.

Walking the Track – It is not about the famous racers. It’s about giving to a charity and trying to help someone less fortunate.

Earl Helm
Salt Lake City, Utah

What sells?

Hey Burk, Just read your Just Wondering comparing Ashley to Danica. Are you serious? Have you not seen the GO DADDY spots on TV? Enough said!!!

Dave Johnson
Troy, Missouri