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Track prep for sportsman racers

Burk, have you lost your mind? Think Phoenix last year. That is exactly what you would see from Pro Stock on down if they prepped to 660. So what if a half dozen sportsman cars crash each and every race... As long as the nitro cars quit chunking tires.

If you think the NHRA is having troubles filling fields now, wait until ALL the other teams hear that they are only going to prep to 660. Can you say mass exodus?

Let’s look at this another way. Nitro cars make, what, 10,000 lbs of downforce? How much downforce does the average Stock car make? How about any of the .90 cars? Let’s not forget the Comp cars that, in some cases, are going FASTER than the Pro Stock cars.

Sorry Burk, much of what you write makes a lot of sense, just not this time. Stop and take a look at the bigger picture. The Pro cars bring the people, but it is the Sportsman racers that pay the bills.

Randy Balough
Newbury Park, California

Are you serious? You think that the NHRA makes the majority of its money off the sportsman racers?

Track prep and more

Well, there’s certainly a lot of info and opinions about the whole 'track-prep' situation, and my opinion, which is guaranteed to bring out the villagers with their rakes-and-torches aloft, is to throw the whole process out.

When I was a kid, part of the deal with Pomona was that it was a junk surface, sucks-to-be-you, and deal with it, one and all. That’s how you had stuff like Roger Lindemood being #1 qualifier in 1973, 'cause there was a guy who'd had to skate down every marginal surface in the country, and the ability to TUNE a car and DRIVE a car through adverse conditions still mattered, and it was just part of the equation. And if a race ended up being decided by one lane being worse, well guess what Sparky, that’s why there’s the ol’ concept of LANE CHOICE. You don't see Don Prudhomme throwing an asterisk on the finals of Indy '76, which he lost because the Ault & James Corvette puked all over the first couple yards of the track (by the way, Don, you did indeed change lanes because of that, and you switched for the worse, just sayin).

The awful TV ratings are just backing me up, that side-by-side billion-dollar time bombs are boring, so slow 'em down, and (gadzooks!) put the 'old ways' back, perhaps, JUST PERHAPS, people would do what they did back in the day, and fill the stands again.

'Chicago' Jon Hoffman
Woodstock, Illinois