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And a heartfelt thank you

Re: A new month and more Wondering

Well said. I agree with you whole heartedly!

I love DRO!

Scott Rex
NHRA Div 1 T/S racer

What is Chevrolet thinking?

Burk’s Blast: just read your column and, while flipping through the channels, hit Speed and their SEMA show coverage. With coverage of some badass cars, including some slick old gen Camaros, and of course a new one covered in airbrushed graphic paint and stock underneath hit your point home.

But it gets worse. The segment comes on with the head of GM Racing, and he says, "At GM we're all about performance, power, and innovation." He then goes on a spiel and unveil of the Chevy Volt. I almost fell out of the chair and thought of your column. In a show of chrome, twin turbos, superchargers, and various horsepower increasing gadgets, the head of GM is hyping this ugly little plug-in car.

Can you say “hit the nail on the head”?

John Gilbert
New Jersey

We’re listening, John

Well it's nearly time, time to start bitchin’ and moaning about the sport and the end NHRA goes on with the three monkey approach. The Quarter ain't what it should be. Get your own tape out and measure the 1320 and you'll come up short.

So what happens the first Race Day, what's been happening for 50 years? Racers race and we sit in the stands complaining about the costs of everything.

Solutions? There ain't one and no one would listen anyway. As my Dad would say, “It's like fartin’ against thunder. Fun for you but no one is listening.”

John Geltink
Wellington, New South Wales, Australia