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Well, we’re confused…

Mr. Burkster Sir: I should put a ad in Drag Racing Online that reads, “For a one-year contract of $50,000 I will turn the NHRA around completely in Pro and Sportsman and make their profits double.” It would be easy and people would be back in the stands.

I have not been reading your stuff lately and have a theory on that as well.

I have called you in the past and it was great talking to you. You should have a running list on the tracks that went Outlaw and keep it up for a year, so we can go to them.

There was a way I figured out to come and see you at your wonderful office building but that might have gotten squashed.

Mike Larsen
St. Paul, Minnesota

Maybe if the beanies have propellers?

Burkster, I'm having scary visions of Tom Crapton and Graham cracker Lightweight going through the pits trying to get lost sponsors to re-up after the unbelievable banner fee.

I only hope they are wearing their new flamed "beanies".  They will be so cute.

When are the NHRA powers going to do something for the: fans, racers, and sponsors?

John Martin
Nixa, Missouri

In agreement

Jeff, I liked the current Blast a lot more than any in recent memory. I agree with you about social media. I too prefer one-on-one conversation. Also, I think your suggestions concerning NHRA hiring Bill Bader, Sr., and/or Austin Coil are spot on!

Dale Tuley
DeKalb, Illinois