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1320 feet must look a lot safer from the grandstand

Could not agree with you more. Shortening the track carries many pluses besides the possibility of saving lives.

The traditionalists are most likely viewers, not drivers, so they are not losing friends.

I still am amazed how Pro Stockers remain on the ground while they are crossing the line.

Terry McHardy
Kelowna, British Columbia

Need more ‘long-range’ thinking

Burkster:  That was the most honest take on the state of NHRA nitro drag racing I have read in a long time. It is amazing to me that the team owners and drivers continue to cling to the safer/cheaper argument for 1000' racing. It is a total sham, and the fans aren't fooled (although a lot of drivers/owners think we are).
It is discouraging to think that the NHRA and its teams believe that safely slowing down the nitro classes in order to return to 1320' would be a detriment to the sport. In my view it would only help to strengthen the long-term position of the sport (i.e. increased competition, lower costs, etc.). But then again, as the 1000' rule has proven, the NHRA/drivers/owners are not interested in making decisions that affect the sport positively for the future, and would much rather engage in short-term "solutions" to problems that require/deserve much more critical thinking in order to take the sport to the next level for the future. I can tell you 1000' is not the answer.

Mike Parsons
San Diego

Management should know the sport

Burkster, thank you for your latest - I was having withdrawal pains. It seems like forever since your last comment. I'm an old man - I can't take the stress.

NHRA obviously doesn't care about the fans or the racers. They merely cater to the big money, whether Corporate or high dollar race teams (DSR).
It's like politics - We need to throw the bums out. The current NHRA leaders are not advancing our beloved sport. We need a new group of leaders who are actual motorheads. I think we should request that the NHRA leadership prove their motorhead tendencies by owning either a race car or a street rod or something.

John Martin
Nixa, Missouri