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California dreaming…not

Really enjoy Drag Racing Online, particularly Burk's Blast. Probably because we share a disgust for the current state of the NHRA. I never particularly cared for old stick-up-the-ass Wally Parks, but now I realize he was probably the best part of the organization.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to write my first email to them (which I'm sure they'll ignore) concerning the POS issue of ND on nostalgia racing. In passing, they acknowledged that there are some nostalgia funny cars in the Midwest, and spent the rest of the issue running pictures of their buddies' cars (Dean Carter, J D Zink, Roland, the Paso Posse, Adam Sorokin, etc., etc.). They totally forgot about the Holley Hot Rod Reunions at Bowling Green and elsewhere, the huge Jr. Fuel circuit down in Texas and the SW, at least two FED race groups in the NW that run 200 MPH cars, the other major nostalgia races around the country, etc. I'm surprised they didn't sneak in pictures of John Force and his daughters, or maybe a few candid shots of Tony Schumacher like they stuff in all of the other NDs.

I think they should change their name to the Californicator Hot Rod Association and charge people from that state full price for membership, then cut the cost to 1/2 or 1/3 for the rest of us since they rarely provide any decent coverage in our areas of the country.

Jim Franklin
Auburn, WA

Indy lane question

So why did NHRA only do the left lane from starting line to traps with spray? Never went into the right lane.

John Pizza