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Can’t tell the cars apart

On the subject of identifiable bodies. I could not agree with you more. The "blob bodies" have always been a thorn in my side. To me (and many others) auto racing is all about brand loyalty. I like Denny Hamlin, but when Joe Gibbs Racing went to Toyotas I stopped rooting for him. I do not buy from Home Depot anymore, nor do I buy Interstate batteries. Likewise, when John Force jumped ship for the big dough from Ford (after GM kept him in business back when he couldn't make two runs without being upside down and on fire) I literally burned all of my JFR hats and Ts. To me the emblem on the grill is just as important as who is behind the wheel. Kenny ruined it for everyone back with the Tempo (or Topaz, or whatever). Then, when he wheeled out the Batmobile, the NHRA powers should have said, “Stop!” But, hey, he was the King, so anything goes.

The same thing is true now. The big names like the aero of the blob bodies, so don't expect it to change... unless people really voice their opinion to Glendora. Identifiable bodies might bring the Big Three back to the NHRA. (I will not even address the Toyota FC bodies and what business they have in American drag racing, I could write a ten page rant on that alone!)

And this is not just for FCs; Pro Stock cars should have a BIW straight from the factory to build on. They are becoming a nondescript blob just as the Funny Cars have become. Pro Stock should be just as it was at its inception, stock sheet metal and stock block engines.

To respond to another question, NO, Pro Mod will never replace Pro Stock for me and most of my friends for two reasons. First, Pro Stock is the pinnacle of technology for naturally aspirated stock production based racing cars. Second, the powers controlling Pro Mod have allowed it to become an unidentifiable class. They no longer look like real cars, and the inclusion of the blown alcohol aftermarket Hemi has made them little more than left hand drive alcohol funny cars... just another fiberglass blob running down the track. Ho-hum, yawn, yawn. Just a few years ago I loved PM, but they have pretty much ruined it too.

Speaking of which, Burkster, you better keep an eye out in your own back yard. I went to your meet in KC a couple years ago to watch the gassers and was pleasantly surprised at the AA/FC cars that were there. Mustangs, Camaros, ‘Cudas, a Maverick... and they all looked like real cars. They put on a great show and I really enjoyed it. But now look at things. Romine's Mustang, some of the late ‘70s Trans Ams and the early ‘80s Dodge Omnis are ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY GOING TO RUIN THE NOSTALGIA FUNNY CAR MOVEMENT. I know, I know, the swoopy bodies are a bit faster so guys are stretching the envelope, but let’s remember why we are watching Nostalgia cars in the first place; it is because of the look. Let's not ruin this class too.

I think that the reason that the "street car" racing associations are so popular with racers and fans is because they are regular cars... cars like the fans have out in the parking lot or at home in the garage. It's just not near as much fun to go to the track and watch unidentifiable blobs go down the track, it doesn't matter how fast they are.

Scott Cornish
Lincoln, Nebraska