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Methinks he does too

Burkster, you are right on target with the Bernstein suggestion. The man has never ceased to amaze me with his sound, practical business acumen in interviews.

Not the strangest idea from other motorsports experience.

Ecclestone was an F1 team owner, former longtime Indy Chief Steward Fengler was a race driver, and recently, Joey Chitwood Jr., although from the "automotive thrill show" family (it's still show biz we're talkin' about), was running Indy, and now NASCAR's racetrack wing if I recall.

1000 ft for TAD/TAFC, regretfully, YES! 

NHRA at the top, I hope, occasionally reads National Speed Sport News and observes their editorial observations and suggestions.

They've seen probably ALL the scenarios and may have good advice. They may be in denial about yours (methinks you bruise their egos), factual as they may be.

Norm Porter

Read it in the National Inquirer

Thanks for printing my question, and I see what you're saying. I agree this situation (Allen Johnson DQ) gives the sport bad publicity, a sport that I really love. I just don't think a statement like you are suggesting would satisfy people's curiosity. The speculation and rumors would run wild with a vague statement like that, you know what I mean? As a serious race fan I would want to know more, and I would want to know exactly what he got suspended for.

Jeff McCarthy
Upland, California

Of physics and chemistry

Simply put... NHRA alcohol policy allows you to drink the equivalent of 24 beers, 24 shots, or 24 6oz glasses of wine prior to driving a racecar through the pits or on the track. It takes a person of average height and weight one hour to deplete one serving. Do the math.

Wesley Young
Kettering, Ohio