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There’s more to life than drag racing

JUST WONDERING: When did a blues festival become more important than the Nationals?

Ron Ogilvie
Las Vegas, Nevada

Burk answers: After attending every U.S. Nationals since 1976, about two years ago I realized that there were other things going on over the Labor Day weekend. This year, my 84-year-old mother spent a few days in the hospital and got out the Sunday before the Nationals. I thought it best to stay closer to home than six hours away in Indianapolis. As it turned out, I didn’t make it to the blues festival either. Sometimes family is more important.

A couple of ideas

A Just Wondering... What NHRA would be like with Bruton Smith as the promoter? Qualifying that actually means something. Eliminations Saturday and then again Sunday. Daily winner gets a crown and best points total wins the weekend. Imagine going to the track Saturday and the fifteen cars racing, not just test and tune because there are only 15 cars.

Just wondering... How to slow down the cars. Wasn't there a time when Nitro cars would run the whole weekend with the same pistons? If you win but break the motor you’re out, and best losing time gets reinstated.

Roger Niemczyk
Langhorne, Pennsylvania

Sometimes logic seems to take a backseat

Jeff, I think you should continue to be the "voice in the wilderness." These sociopaths that run Top Fuel and Funny Cars will run nuclear reactors if we let them. They are so totally absorbed that they have cornered the market on drag racing.

And you can't get the world to make sense either.... If everybody is so upset about drunk driving, why in God's name do they allow the sale of COLD beer in convenience stores?

Butch Nassau
Houston, Texas