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Sportsman racers go where they are appreciated

Well said, Burk. I think everything you said applies, even on a local level. Look at how Gateway (our home track) regards its local sportsman racing. I feel unwanted there and as a result, I will hesitate before they get any of my money until that changes. It's really a shame because it is a fine facility. There are many tracks that would love to have my money. Look at Myslinski's schedule for Indy this year...

Tom Heaney
Imperial, Missouri

Getting a feather overcoat

Mr. Burk, please be careful. Asking the powers-that-be to increase the pro payout is OK, but asking the big boys to treat the sportsman racer nice? You will get flogged, then tarred and feathered with those kinds of thoughts!!!

But thanks for thinking of us people who race because we love doing it, not because it is how we make a living.

Dee Kruse
Houston, Texas

Waiting to exhale?

Burkster Ol’ buddy, you gotta lay off that pipe! After reading your "New Plan" it's obvious that yer weed is significantly affecting your brain! Why on earth would a "non-profit" organization spend millions of dollars on the members they serve? Especially a bunch of fanatical racers who are already willing to spend almost all of their disposable income and put up with being treated as a burden just to race at their events. Even if the downturn in the economy cuts their profits 50%, they still will make a couple a million.

I admire your intestinal fortitude for suggesting that they (NHRA) act in the best interest of the sport, but don't hold your breath.

Billy Baer
Braidwood, Illinois

Trickle down doesn’t go very far

I agree with you 100% when it comes to the NHRA not needing to carry a five million dollar profit year in and year out. Heck, if you think about it, they probably have to have some retained earnings built-up from the last couple years. Get some creative and generous minds on it.

I think that if they throw some money back to the tracks and out to the divisions with the stipulation that it be used for boosting prize money or reducing entry fees then maybe it will bring back some of the racers who have been pushed out by rising costs and eventually bring in new racers.

Mike Meier
New Jersey