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Making progress, one mag at a time

I found the bit about Cruz testing the single mag engine very interesting. I have said all the time that the answer was very simple: one mag, one pump.

I think the hard parts will live much longer as long as you can police the output of the mag and pump. I think this will work much better than smaller displacements, and as Cruz said, they can keep on using the hard parts that they have. At this point, I think anything is a move in the right direction.

If things keep on the way they are, you could see a funny car show with three car owners, maybe four. I pray the Snake will find support; the sport can ill afford to lose a man like him at this time. I look for Schumacher to have four Top Fuel cars. I am pretty sure AJ and the Sheik will have another, and I think a lot of the indies that helped make for full fields will not be back next year as it appears they are not welcome, at least by the TV coverage they get. I hope for better from ESPN next year, and the NHRA also.

Robert Brown
Punta Gorda, Florida

A blow to the IHRA?

Jeff, I have often wondered why anyone would go out of their way to have Pro Mod in NHRA when it was obvious NHRA didn't want them! I cannot see that that move was anything less than helping hurt the IHRA. I realize Polborn is not Bill Bader, but this new IHRA owner is not much either from what I have seen. On the other hand, if IHRA blows away, then there is a place in NHRA, even though I still cannot see why. With IHRA you have TV; with NHRA you have nothing.

Richard Burbick
Sebring, Florida

Looking forward to Pro Mod

I'm kinda wondering why NHRA made Pro Mod an official class, especially after the Pro Stock Truck fiasco and saying they'd never run another pro class again. Wonder how much of it had to do with IHRA changing course and basically abandoning their Pro Mod class. Or maybe NHRA seeing the crowds that come to ADRL events?

Whatever, I'm glad Pro Mod will now be an official class, but I sure wish they'd run a few more races, like here in Arizona. Our national event gets nothing extra, not even the alky classes. Be nice to see Pro Mod run here for once.

Cliff Morgan
Phoenix, Arizona